Day One – Ooops!


Well, day one was always going to be a difficult good food day as it was a certain someones birthday and that meant:

  • Brunch at a really nice Bistro. It was a cracking veggie breakfast for me: 2 veggie sausages, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms and a round of toast all washed down with a coffee. Wow, I could hardly move – that was healthy! Still that was 11:00 and we had no more food scheduled until 15:00. Some push-ups first maybe – ooh, on second thoughts!
  • Ding, ding seconds out round two. Well this was the big one Afternoon tea at a fancy hotel near to our home. So it arrived, nice little salmon sandwiches (no crusts), numerous small cakes and a rather large cream and jam scone. It was a mountain that I somehow managed to climb – well done me!
  • And the final round. It’s 20:00 and we indulge in a few water biscuits with a smidgen of runny cheese all finished up with a couple of glasses of a rather nice Pouilly Fuisse (ooh, very sophisticated!).

This, I have to say, is not a normal day in Nicks household but it was a special day and this is real life!

Normal service will resume tomorrow – doh, I could get used to this!


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