Christmas Is Over And The Fridge Is Almost Bare!


After a hearty breakfast and a bit of light exercise, consisting of a stroll along the sea front to buy a newspaper followed by some vigorous thought on which DIY job to tackle next, it was suddenly time for lunch. I’m told that it’s almost time for our weekly visit to the ever helpful Waitrose and so we’re now starting to empty the fridge of it’s hidden jewels. Without further ado let me present… lunch, ready for my delectation and delight.


Appearing on my plate today, looking at me lovingly, we find a couple of rather tasty spinach and feta parcels sitting alongside a savoury and succulent (or so the advertising carton tells me!) chestnut and mushroom grill.  There is, of course the traditional salad to accompany it plus (it’s my lucky day!) a slice of wholemeal bread. Well, I’ve eaten it now and can heartily recommend the contents. Now, do I have time for any DIY before dinner arrives?

I made it, dinner time at last. Now this looks interesting – not so splat-like! Tonight’s feast was a red lentil bake with a breadcrumb and Parmesan topping, home made cranberry sauce served with lashings of green beans (see recipe).


I did somehow manage to squeeze in my small Clementine and a square of hard cheese – and I’m full. Well, I say full but I might just be able to squeeze in a couple of squares of chocolate with my coffee. And that’s it for the day – which is probably just as well!



One thought on “Christmas Is Over And The Fridge Is Almost Bare!

  1. Nicola Wingrave

    I’m coming to you for meals they look and sound delicious, a spot on reflection of “The Oracle’s” culinary skills. x

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