The kitchens re-stocked – what new delights await?


This is the first meal to escape from Petula’s newly re-stocked kitchen cupboards and it’s one of my favourites – a salad. Today’s lunch consisted of the remains of hummus served alongside a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, spring onion and a sprinkling of seeds, together with some really yummy fresh baguette (no butter required).


Your dinner’s ready…

So much food, so little time! And so we’re moving of to the final stages of the food lovers day – the dinner or more specifically my dinner! I’m quite fond of a bit of cod and this one is a fillet in breadcrumbs (today’s special offer at Waitrose) sharing the plate with boiled new potatoes (just a 150g/5 ounces) and some nice succulent broccoli. Petula did point out that the picture doesn’t show my later addition of copious amounts of tomato ketchup – a popular addition of mine!



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