Stave off the cold with a healthy diet!



As you know we have a well established breakfast regime and as today is Monday, and as we have now officially exited from the joys of the holiday period, the day starts off well with a good healthy bowl of cereal laced with blueberries – yum!

Exciting news, new windows are due to be installed at maison Nick next week.  All this, means that I’ve spent an exhausting morning discussing the sequence of events with the friendly salesman and am now ready for a hearty lunch.  Luckily Petula has also been busy as the picture shows:


I can tell you that this was a fab open sandwich and and consists of the remains of yesterday’s baguette (lightly toasted of course) with a layer of chutney then lettuce, sliced tomatoes, seasoning of pepper, topped with slices of really tasty Quorn garlic sausage slices – mmmm!

Dinner approaches!

Following a short walk on the beach (or at least what is left here after the storms!) the afternoon saw a frantic few hours of DIY in preparation for the looming builders visit.  I managed to catch a glimpse Petula preparing this evenings dinner and was able to quickly identify it as something that I haven’t had for a while – cauliflower cheese – hooray!

. P1000690

I’m sure that everyone knows how to make cauliflower cheese but obviously the key aspect here is the sauce which still needs to contribute to the healthy diet, as far as possible!  The sauce was made using 2 tbsp of oil, 1oz flour, half a pint of skimmed milk, a little mustard powder and 3 oz/80g of, in this case, some of the left over Christmas Stilton plus a grating of fresh nutmeg.  Obviously this serves 2 people and came with some wholemeal bread to mop up the sauce.  A classic dish!


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