Healthy, healthy, healthy and still yummy!


Well, breakfast was a fortifying bowl of porridge Tuesday’s Breakfast which always sets me up nicely for a day of hard work – and today it’s…starting to prepare the bedroom for the arrival of a new carpet – yay!

So after a morning of ridding the bedroom of old carpet I’m ready to move swiftly on to a very healthy lunch – which today is…a warm felafel salad (the felafels not the salad!).  P1000706

As you can see  the felafels are casually lounging around on a bed of salad leaves, tomatoes, spring onion, grated carrot and the usual sprinkling of seeds accompanied by the ever tasty warm seeded pitta bread.  Lovely, this will certainly help me get through the next arduous task of replacing some rather dodgy floorboards in our bedroom, although I think it could well take the afternoon to clear away this mornings mess!

More DIY work successfully completed and now it’s for the key event of the day – it’s dinnnner time…


This classic delight is, as you can see, an omelette containing fried red onions, boiled new potatoes all snuggling up to lovely some green beans and sweetcorn with a final seasoning of pepper and fresh lemon juice.  The washing up done (this is one of my official tasks but I do get time off if I’ve been particularly busy!) and it’s time to settle down with a good book and a bit of TV.  Well I think that another healthy diet day for me!


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