Toast, Veggie Burger and 5 Spice Fish – What a Day!


Once we’d cleared up after breakfast Wednesday’s Breakfast it was time for a bit of light exercise, which is a bracing walk along the beach to the post office where Petula’s copy of the Guardian awaits.  Whilst Petula catches up with the news aided by her morning cup of tea, I’m busily stripping off the horrible lumpy plaster on the bedroom chimney breast – thinking it must be lunch time soon – and it is…woohoo!


So it is with great excitement, and I do get quite excited by food, that I start to tuck into my soya based veggie burger.  The burger is cuddling up to a toasted bun (maybe I should start writing bad restaurant menus!) with lettuce, tomato and dill pickles to add that extra something.  Personally, I just love to add lashings of tomato sauce at this point – I know, I’m a bad person!  Although Petula tells me that tomato ketchup is  associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer amongst men – so I’m not bad after all.

Manual labour brings a hearty meal, and here it is, Chinese noodle broth with five spice fish, and I can tell you it was fab! (see recipe).


The contents of this rather fabulous dish are: egg noodles, sliced red pepper, sliced carrots, shredded Savoy cabbage, soy sauce, vegetable stock and baked white fish (in this case Coley) seasoned with Chinese five spice.  And to cap it all off I had apparently been busy enough to escape from today’s washing up!Looking forward to tomorrow already.


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