Hearty, healthy food for a hectic day!


Today was always going to be a hectic one.  After yesterday’s exertions the next stage is re-plastering the bedroom wall – I am definitely a DIY plasterer so it takes me a while and is genuinely hard work!  Luckily for me the lovely Petula will be ready with lunch as soon as I have cleaned up and today it’s going to be Asparagus and Mozzarella Ravioli.


The contents of this little wonder are 125 grams (only 125 – not the whole packet) with a chopped fresh tomato briefly cooked with some dried oregano and pepper, finished off with a little grated Parmesan topping. This is served with a side salad plus a slice of wholemeal bead and butter (a treat as I have been even more busy than usual this morning).

This afternoon Petula and I will be running around shops looking at various chic interior items (I prefer my cheap version of shabby chic –  but everyone else seems to think that it’s just plain shabby!).  The shopping excitement over we’re a little late in and very hungry so Petula has opted for a quick, but still healthy, dinner . Making a guest appearance on my plate today are 3 Soya based sausages, organic oven chips (yes chips, just 150 grams though – no more!) all cuddling up to roasted courgettes roasted in a little rapeseed oil with fresh garlic and freshly ground black pepper. I’m such a happy chappie!



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