Porridge, easy guacamole, Tuna and tomato rice – Yummy!


Still busy preparing the bedroom – replacing some floorboards today.  Wow I hear you say, very buildery! The appetite is building so without further ado lets move onto lunch…

I can hear excitement in the kitchen and dash downstairs to check out the commotion – it turns out Petula is starting to consider how the ‘healthy meals’ will look in the photograph and has inadvertently burnt the toast – ahhh the problems of fame!  However, today’s lovely luncheon even has it’s own name, Petula calls it, “easy guacamole”.  Naturally, I always add a little additional Tabasco just to give that extra zing which is how I like it – zingy!  I’m assured that creating this yummy guacamole is really simple, containing avocado, onion or spring onions, tomato plus lemon and Tabasco sauce (see recipe).


Wayhey, I’ve finished the day’s work, cleared up, and it’s time for the big event of the day.  Nooooooooo!  I don’t believe it, another shriek from the kitchen (this is becoming a habit) and once again, moving like an Olympian, I dash downstairs to investigate – it seems that this time Petula has forgotten to defrost the Tuna steaks that would have been the basis of an exotic meat.  After a few moments the decision comes to open a can of tuna instead and this fantastic dish is created – Tuna and Tomato Rice with added vegetables and chilli.  I can tell you it was a triumph in the face of adversity! (see recipe)



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