Egg, Cannellini, Fruit Salad, Pizza and Fresh Air!


I love week-end breakfasts!  Saturday always starts well with a nice boiled egg and toast (see today’s breakfast) and today it was followed by a stroll along the beach to get the papers – heavenly.  After a few short hours the festivities begin…Today’s healthy diet choice for lunch was a nice home made minestrone (resurrected from the deep dark depths of the freezer, you know, the very frosty area right at the back where no light penetrates!) and it appears to have been made from pasta, cannellini beans and vegetables – unfortunately there is no recipe for this little beauty as it was a one off!
We did of course have the our traditional salad and wholemeal bread to to keep the minestrone company – and I have to say, it was very tasty.


Well, we demolished lunch fairly quickly as we’re keen to make the most of such a beautiful day, it makes a change to see the sun set against a full blue sky rather than the slightly dank, dreary weather of late.  So it’s off to the beach again (a different one this time) to casually stroll across the low tide sands, for no particular purpose other than to be outside. After all that exercise it’s time for a tea break and today it’s a bowl of Petula’s finest fruit salad.


It was truly delicious, made from the luxurious blueberries, melon, apple and peach with just a little low fat (of course) natural yoghurt and flaked almonds – fab!

No dinner to report on tonight, after all that walking we decided to embark on a trip to the rather excellent local Italian restaurant – they do truly fabulous, extremely thin crust, pizzas – and it is my favourite trip out!

Bad news, the fridge is bare and that means tomorrow is shopping day – doh!P1000777


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