Healthy Fluff, Vegcakes and Smoked Haddock – Tasty!


Fluff.  It’s Sunday, which starts off well as it’s fluff for breakfast, (see breakfast fluff) always a good start to the day!  Unfortunately, the breakfast glow was pretty short-lived as today is the weekly trip to our local Waitrose – today I will be in charge of looking at the magazine section, wondering why on earth supermarkets need to be quite so cold these days!  Anyway, shopping over, groceries unpacked and Petula is busy creating in the kitchen.  Hooray, lunch has arrived and it’s nicely warm spicy and lentil vegcakes (from Waitrose, as they were on special offer), with a mixed salad and a slice of wholemeal bread. The vegcakes were brill!


After the traditional post lunch coffee, it’s up to the bedroom for me.  I’m still preparing the upstairs for the installation of our new windows next week – oh joy!  Still, a few hours later and I’m starting to think about dinner, and I happen to know that today it will be nice healthy fish.  The fish in question turns out to be smoked Haddock (un-dyed and poached in milk) with mashed sweet potatoes plus cabbage with leek which has been gently fried in a little butter  The haddock was fab and fits nicely into the healthy diet plan.  And relax…



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