Cereal, Baked Beans and a Spinach Omelette – Yay!


Here’s a little bit of information that may be useful – 5 Foods surprisingly high in sugar Click Here

Meanwhile, Today’s breakfast was cereal followed (a few hours later) by a dish well known to everyone, and can be a healthy one too.  Baked beans on toast with a little grated cheddar cheese and a side salad.  Petula always chooses the baked beans with the lowest sugar and salt content and adds a good grinding of black pepper with some balsamic vinegar to counteract any over sweetness (of course, no butter on the toast!).  Below are the before and after shots – you have to wonder how on earth the plate got so clean?

P1000795 P1000798

In between eating I continue to work hard on the bedroom.  I have spent my time painting, a task that I strangely enjoy.  The new plaster on the bedroom wall has been primed and received a first coat of paint (white is our continued choice of colour – it makes the house look clean and bright).  I have also painted the landing floorboards (they do look good) including the recently replaced ones – this is a temporary measure as I have yet to renovate the bathroom plus repair a bedroom ceiling and wouldn’t want to make a mess of a new stair runner and landing carpet!  And at last… the final event of the day is here, a cracking spinach omelette with raisins and pine nuts (recipe here)



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