Ciabatta followed by Tuna Steak with Basil Pesto Topping – Lush!


Today should be a fairly mixed affair, a bit of painting followed by a bit of shopping and some eating – well it is my hobby!  It’s Tuesday, so it’s Porridge for breakfast which always works for me – I think everyone should eat porridge in our winter months (you know the ones – October to April in the UK!).  Still, after a successful mornings painting in the bedroom the lunchtime bell is sounded by Petula.  Taking the stairs two at a time (I know, at my age!) I’m greeted by a fab sandwich – which as you can see is a small ciabatta filled with a very smelly, runny, yummy soft cheese, sliced tomato and leaves.  Excellent!


Lunch over, it’s off to the shops which turned out to be only mildly successful.   I’m trying to find a dress shirt for an upcoming wedding and nobody seems to stock one that a) isn’t gigantic on me (maybe I should be bulking up!) and b) doesn’t make me look like a clown.  Still, that fun over, we’re home and I’m doing a bit more painting whilst Petula is creating something in the general vicinity of the kitchen that smells great.  Paint brushes cleaned, I wander in search of food and am presented with this beauty:


What can I say about this dish – it’s a favourite (I have so many favourites) and is a Tuna steak with a lovely basil pesto topping, cooked in the oven with roast new potatoes and Tenderstem broccoli.  I absolutely adore the basil pesto topping – it’s lush!


One thought on “Ciabatta followed by Tuna Steak with Basil Pesto Topping – Lush!

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like Tuesday was a very yummy and successful day. Apart from your dress shirt. Sounds like another shopping trip coming up for you!

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