A Hearty Casserole for a Gloomy Day!


Having woken to a dark, dank morning I was depending on breakfast to raise my mood and, as I already knew it was toast, I knew it would.  Surely everyone loves really crispy, well done, toast with peanut butter and jam – or am I alone in that!  It worked, hurrah, cheery again!  Then on to the final stages of the bedroom painting.  Three hours later and I’m admiring my newly plastered, newly painted walls – Oooh, I’m pleased that’s done. What does the lunching hour bring – it’s scrambled eggs on toast – doesn’t that look nice. The scrambled eggs had some added sliced spring onions for extra flavour and were served on seeded sourdough toast, together with a side salad of leaves, cucumber, tomato and a spoonful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


After lunch we attempted to beat off the dreary weather blues by going for a walk – not very successful – it started to rain en-route, doh!  Still dinner is going to be a treat and it was, a hearty chestnut and mushroom casserole, comfort food for a day of miserable wet weather.  The main ingredients were chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots, celery, leeks and some red wine, soy sauce and pepper to add that extra flavour.  It was fab!   The chestnuts and mushrooms add great flavours and texture – I love it! Casserole Recipe Here . Oh yes, you may have noticed that I sneaked in a glass of blackcurrant juice.



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