Today, I Got My Just Desserts! A Dreamy Fruit Crumble.


It’s been an odd sort of day, we’ve spent all morning waiting for various deliveries to arrive. The first item appeared at 8:30am (which felt early to me!) and was an oak cabinet for the bathroom – this, to my surprise, turned out to be self assembly – marvellous! Then at 10:15 the biggie arrived, the new sash window frames and sashes ready for the grand installation over the next few days. Scarily, there is talk of this activity restricting Petula’s access to the kitchen during this period – although, maybe this means I can have a pizza! This all took a while but then, to lift my flagging spirits, lunch appeared – a rather nice Salmon and cucumber sandwich (crust firmly on) which was delicious. Unfortunately I was so keen to eat it that I forgot the photograph! Luckily however, Petula had decided to make some individual fruit crumbles (still healthy – low on fat and sugar) and here they are in all their glory – ahhh, my just desserts! Fruit Crumble Recipe Here


My afternoon started  by putting together the new bathroom cabinet – which turned out to be a nice simple operation and is now sitting resplendent in the bathroom (that leaves just everything else in the bathroom to be replaced!).  This fun was directly followed by mmmmm – fruit crumble – then a bit more therapeutic painting leading me nicely into dinner.  I can tell you Petula is on fire today (obviously not literally – I hope!) as this picture of the braised vegetables with flageolet beans proves: Recipe Here . This really hit the spot with some great flavours accentuated by the olives.



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