Friday Night is Curry Night!

Fabulous Red Lentil Curry with Yoghurt and Mango Chutney

Fabulous Red Lentil Curry with Yoghurt and Mango Chutney

EG847NKFFPH9 Early to rise today!  We’re on a strict schedule, our porridge needs to have been cooked, eaten and cleared away by 08:15 as the window fitters are due to arrive at 08:30 (of course this normally means they will arrive at 10:00).  It’s 08:30 and ding dong they’re here.  My key role today seems to be that of tea boy as I can’t really settle to anything whilst buildery type chaps are in the house!  Luckily Petula’s access to the kitchen area isn’t restricted today (or Monday hopefully) so she is still able to create a masterpiece, and today it’s the turn of the healthy avocado to give itself over to lunch!  Take a bow Mr avocado – with spring onions on seeded sourdough toast – Excellent!

On the home improvement front, if you’d like to see a picture of the window installation so far Click Here . Ah, that’s an awful wall colour – honestly, it was like that when we moved in and can now be replaced with something tasteful!


After a hard day making tea and generally watching builders work I have built up quite an appetite. My nose, and the builders tell me it’s curry night tonight – and it’s a cracking red lentil curry with yoghurt and mango chutney – yay! If you would like to see Petula’s Red Lentil Curry recipe  Click Here


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