Marooned – With Roast Vegetables and Tofu for Company

Roasted Vegetables with Tofu

A Really Tasty Roasted Vegetables with Tofu

The window fitters are back for a few more days so it looks like I’ll be marooned in the house for a while yet.  I’m slightly concerned about Wednesday and Thursday as it seems that Petula will only have restricted kitchen access!

Today I’m keeping myself busy making new wardrobe doors to replace the old mirrored ones (does anyone like that style?) and it seems to have gone quite well – a little bit more work and then some paint!  The lunch bells gone and it turns out that I’m having a rather nice egg mayonnaise and salad sandwich for lunch.

Egg Mayonnaise and Salad Sandwich

Egg Mayonnaise and Salad Sandwich

Lunch break over, time for a quick walk and then back to finish the wardrobe doors. Meanwhile back in the kitchen Petula is busily creating roast vegetables and tofu for dinner, this was absolutely delicious and definitely recommend it (if you’re not vegetarian, these roasted vegetables are equally delicious with a piece of chicken or fish) Recipe Here.


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