Thrifty Dinner – Poached Egg on Bubble and Squeak

Poached Egg Bubble and Squeak

Poached Egg on Bubble and Squeak

Huzzah, a final push by the builders and they have now left the building. An event of this magnitude was clearly cause for celebration, so the two former hostages to the window installers dashed off to their favourite café for a spot of lunch. We had a delicious celeriac and stilton soup with an hunk of crusty wholemeal bread. This classic lunch provided me with the required amount of energy to crack on and complete the preparations for the carpet installation first thing (why is it always first thing – I keep dreaming of a lie in) tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Petula has her eye on creating a thrifty dinner and has decided on a really nice bubble and squeak with a poached egg sitting on top. The bubble and squeak was made from left over potatoes and cabbage, in this case mashed with some lightly sautéed spring onions to give it extra flavour and fried in a little rapeseed oil until crispy and hot.

Using rapeseed oil for frying or roasting is one of Petula’s top tips. It’s the healthiest oil, better for you even than olive oil as it has less saturated fat and is also high in omega-3 and omega-6. Unlike olive oil rapeseed doesn’t go toxic at high heat.

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