Breakfast, Sir?


Ooooh, yes please!

Now, breakfasts in the Nick and Petula household follow a pretty well established formula. This is rather nice as it gives you a firm sense of security when you wake up in the morning.  No more wondering what will appear magically before you for breakfast, instead, you just have to work out what day it is and then slowly, as your brain comes to, you think – oh it’s Wednesday that means toast with peanut butter and jam/jelly – hurrah!  So our breakfast menu is:

  • Monday – This is the first of 2 cereal days. The contents of this rather delicious breakfast is:
  • Oats – 55 grams or 2 ounces (must be Jumbo oats – seemingly nothing to do with elephants!)
  • Granola – 2 dessert spoonfuls
  • Low fat natural yoghurt – 1 dessert spoonful
  • 1 handful of fresh seasonal fruit (blueberries, apple, pear etc).
  • Skimmed Milk


  • Tuesday – Porridge, to fortify you for the day.  Isn’t that just lovely!  This treat is made with the usual jumbo oats, half skimmed milk half water, a handful of sultanas and a little cinnamon plus a spoonful low fat natural yoghurt to add a little creaminess. And then there is the added fruit, in this case blueberries, imagine that drizzled with a little honey – which I added after I’d taken the picture!


  • Wednesday – Toast (hurrah!). What’s not to like about toast, especially lovely crunchy toast with peanut butter and jam/jelly.  I really like to mix it up sometimes and have one slice with organic smooth peanut butter and gooseberry jam/jelly and another one with Marmite (I should have mentioned, I like to live life on the edge!).  Remember not to overdo the topping- still thinking healthy, healthy, healthy!  P.S we use Cranks wholemeal Spelt, Honey and Sunflower bread for our toast which makes it deliciously crunchy.


  • Thursday – Cereal
  • Friday – Porridge
  • Saturday – Boiled egg and toast. A personal favourite – especially with really crispy toast and the merest sniff of organic buttery stuff!


  • Sunday – Fluff. Fluff, fluff  – what on earth is he on about. So, I clearly need to explain this in a bit more detail. In essence, it is something a little frivolous such as a croissant, a danish pastry, toasted tea cake, crumpet, fruit bread (as in the picture) – well you get the idea! It is also a good idea to supplement the fluff with a little low fat natural yoghurt with a bit of added fruit. I like Sundays!



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