Rules is Rules!



I am reliably informed by my ever vigilant wife that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy diet there are some rules that need to be adhered to – and rules is rules!

  • When frying or roasting only use only a minimal amount of oil.
  • Food should come in small portions and frequently.
  • Sugar intake needs to be kept as low as possible and sugary drinks (fizzy, fruit juice…) are an absolute no no!
  • Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit and and always have a little protein even with snacks – we generally have a few nuts (but no, that doesn’t mean salted peanuts!).
  • No additional salt to be added whilst cooking. Think about your blood pressure!
  • Eat mostly wholegrains e.g. wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice.
  • Most lunches include a side salad and finish with two organic (avoids preservatives) dried apricots which both adds that sweet touch and boosts the iron intake.
  • Dinner is always finished with half an orange or a tangerine plus a small square of hard cheese to neutralise the acid on my teeth (apparently).
  • And then there’s the one I would rather ignore – wine and alcohol with meals only and at least a couple of alcohol free days a week – apparently that means every single week!


  • This is real life and the rules aren’t hard and fast! Lapses are definitely allowed, as long as they don’t happen too often and not too large (I’m told that a full packet of custard cream biscuits/cookies is definitely out of the question – doh!)

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