Hooray for my wife’s “little and often” mantra as this means I get two snack points during the day.

  • 11:00am brings two Brazil nuts (for the selenium – whatever that is) and a small banana with a cup of tea.
  • Yippee, it’s 15:00 and its time for my favourite snack.
  • In general mid afternoon snacks consist of a piece of fruit (pear or apple or whatever is in season) plus five almonds and the best bit, a couple of my favourite biscuits/cookies which in my case are shortbread fingers or digestives with my cup of tea. The picture above shows a fruit salad, one of my more exotic snacks, and consists of tinned peaches in fruit juice (not syrup), apple, pear and a few raspberries from the freezer topped with a spoonful of low fat natural yoghurt and some flaked almonds – yum!
  • In the evening with my after dinner cup of coffee I get to eat 2 or 3 squares of ‘good’ chocolate – huzzah!  Mmmm Chocolate. Doesn’t that look nice – in this case it’s our favourite Green & Blacks organic but only 2 or 3 squares a day.  I know I can trust you…can’t I?



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